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Killer Texas GT said:
Well come on down and enjoy our Texas Hospitality, Where in SW MO are you located? I go to Springfield, MO a few time a year to see dear O'mom and try to talk her into just one more Upholstery job, man can she do an interior.
Any way you are more than Welcome and so is anybody who wants to come and visit even if your Opel is not up and going but if you can bring it.
Thanks. I live in Joplin, well Carl Junction actually. Stop by and visit with me sometime; I would be glad to have you. I am by the Joplin airport and it is really easy to get to springfield from here as you just take 96 east from here to Halltown and get back on I44. Hope to make it to Texas next month.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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