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While roaming the internet when I had too much energy to go to bed (night owl), I came across a supercar I didn't even know about, at least not this particular one. I've never really dived into DeTomaso's history, like I've done with cars of serious interest to me. I knew it was an Italian manufacturer that used Ford engines, with the most famous model they made being the Pantera. It's hard not to love the Pantera, it looked very similar to a Countach even though it came out a few years before it. What I didn't know about the Pantera, was that a small run were produced in the early 90's known as the Pantera Si. I must say, it's rather attractive in a 90's era supercar way and wow are they expensive now (like $300k).



So, what oddball supercars do you all know about?

BTW, the first website also has a Bitter CD for sale...

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