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off topic, i know...

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my brothers 87 turbo t was stolen a few days ago and he thinks its probally out of the state. i was hoping maybe some people that goto swap meets could look out for buick go fast goodies for cheap. i'll try and get a list. the car was gunmetal, it should have an ohio tag on it CF78EM. again i know its off topic but i thought it couldnt hurt to try. :(
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the easiest parts to spot are going to be his turbo and the tail lights. the tail lights are tinted. the turbo has a flange for an external waste gate, most GN/turbo t guys wouldn't have that.

most of the big stuff as in parts:
ball bearing TE60 (with flange for external wastegate), polished compressor housing
MSD 50# injecters
ATR 3" down pipe
ATR dual 3" exhaust
ATR rear sway bar
ATR double pumper (dual in tank fuel pump setup)
Art Carr 9" converter
Charged Air Systems V2 front mount intercooler

the intercooler has dents underneath and one of the ic pipes has a dent.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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