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Oil Gauge Sending Unit Location?

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sending unit

I have been reading a lot of threads claiming to have "stupid" question. Well, it's my turn. I think I have lost my mind or my oil sending unit location. I have a wire that needs a home but cannot remember where it came from. I still can't locate the unit either & the guage worked before.
Also, I can't find the thread explaining what to to with the extra wire when changing from a two wire soleniod to one wire.
Thanks to the experts
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Oil sending unit is under the exhaust manifold near the rear of the motor.
I knew as soon as I wrote that thread that I wasn't thinking right. I figured it out when I realized I mistook the temp wire for the oil wire. As long as that's my BIGGEST problem, I'm doing fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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