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markandson said:
Well here is a question that I am sure will be hard or impossible to answer.
Does anyone have a picture and/or dimensions for the pickup tube for the ali pan? I have a tube that came out of the 2.2 that I can modify. I guess I could also use the spare 1.9 block that I have which only has the crank in it and figure out what it has to look like in order to make one. The other thing that I could use would be a pic and/or dimensions of the dip stick tube and the dipstick that I need for this pan. Based on this thread it sounds like a long shot for both questions.
A search turned up a thread I posted to a while ago:
That explains the dip-stick location in the Kadett and GT aluminum pan. The block-mounted dip-stick (later, post '73 block) is NOT usable with the aluminum pan (as pointed out by oldopelguy Stephen V, who I had the greatest pleasure of meeting this weekend). If you want to use the aluminum pan, you must seal off the block dip-stick hole and get a GT dip-stick for the aluminum pan, or fabricate one (see the thread above). The pick-up is tougher to describe, because I am in San Diego tonight (next four vacation days to recuperate from the OMC Picnic!) and my steel and aluminum pans and matching pick-ups are in Calgary. I don't think you can easily modify the steel-pan pick-up to fit the aluminum pan. You really just need a pick-up from a GT, which should be readily available.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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