Not viable to ship my car out of the county. So at a much more reasonable price than last time, I am offering my 71 GT for sale, again.

CAD$ 10,000

1971 GT partially disassembled, but complete. Extra parts included about $2000 of new stuff from OGTS and Wirebarn.
extra door glass, second transmission, dashboard.

Car is in great condition with no structural rust. carpet and interior lining is not reusable.
Old wiring harness is out of the car in almost one piece all fuse box plugs are present.
Windshield is a little scratched but neither chipped or cracked.

There still may be traces of cat food in some crevices.

Car ran well when I parked it despite the horrendous wiring harness and rubber rot.
Wood Gas Metal Fixture Building material
Automotive lighting Amber Wood Orange Motor vehicle
Automotive lighting Amber Wood Orange Motor vehicle

Really sad to have to make this decision, but the logistics just started to get mental. As I can only import one vehicle into Uruguay and cars are freakishly expensive there, I have opted for the boring practical approach.

This car is a really solid project for the right person.