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Old custom rims anyone??

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Would these rims be of any interest to anyone? I was told they came off a gt I bought years ago but have not tried to see if they fit. Bolt pattern looks correct?? They are marked ARSON SPRINT I dont know the actual size as of yet, they are very dirty and I havent tried cleaning them nor do I have any desire to! With some elbow grease these would clean up nice! I'm pretty sure they are aluminum?They are offset So I dont think you'd need a spacer,and would be pretty cool all polished up. I'm in Wisconsin send a PM if interested.
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It looks right, there are ones in California, Pennsylvania and Canada too. At a previous job we built the machines they use, that's why I'm familiar with thier work.
2 of the same

I have 2 wheels that look the same as these. They are on my old 75 Sportwagon parts car so I know they'll fit any Opel. And I believe they have center caps. If anyone is interested...let me know. I'll let them go cheap.
I would like the 2 wheels

thanks,pm me with price as i need one for sure and I would like1 as my spare
I have a set of Ansen Sprint mags that I restored on my GT. They look pretty good on an Opel. Does anyone have center caps that are in good shape?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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