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Opel Stories...


My name's Chuck. I'm new to the site,but not to Opels. Over the past 23-odd years, I've owned nine - mostly GTs. My current Opels are a pristine '72 Ascona and a '98 Catera (Omega MV6). At one point, I was THE source for Opel parts in SE Michigan - I had people driving for hours to buy parts from me!

while I've had a lot of carsover the years, Opels have consistenly been my fave. For some silly reason, I can drive them harder and faster than any other marque - and believe me, I've tried!

A few Opel stories:


Got the name Chuckspeed from my 1st Opel - a '73 GT. Had it tricked out to look like a 'vette (duh - it was the late 70's) with oversize tires and functional sidepipes. There was a problem with the intermediate driveline bearing - the donut was torn and worn - caused a driveline vibration so severe it kicked cassettes outta the tape deck around 105MPH - Chuckspeed.


Usedta make a point out of taking turns at 2X their posted speeds in the same car - just for fun. Got the idea to take a right-hander (at an intersection) at really STUPID speeds late one night - entered the turn at 70 MPH (Honest!). Used ALL of the road in the process of keeping the shiny side up, but made it thru okay. Every now and then I thank God for surviving adolescence...


Bought a REALLY rusty '72 GT for parts many moons ago. How rusty was it? Got it home and began to push on the front end - it FELL off ahead of the front wheel centerline! Looked kinda cool with 2' of car missing - drove it around looking like a wasted pug for a bit before parting it out. tore it down to body - in - white (all parts removed from body) before quartering the remains of the body withan axe and tossing them in the local supermarket dumpster.

Yeah - that's just a part of my life with Opels.
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