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Olympics are in London in 2012!!

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Do we know any body across the pond that would love to have Opelholics visit during the summer?? :rolleyes:

Congrats on getting them, they will be fun and a pain in the .... at the same time (I know we had ours in 1996!!)
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its in the borough of london my sister works in for the local government (shes in canada right now stealing social workers by the hundred for london councils and i think shes going to keiths area to interview folks ),so i might have a ticket or two :D i used to drink in the pubs in that area when i was down to see her it sure needs the workover it will get now
i just cant wait to see the face of the french prez at th g8 tonight when he has to smile at our prime minister and congratulate him :D :D
Congrats Baz!!! I hope y'all jazz it up like we did here in Atlanta!!
Baz and all other London Opelaholics,

Are you and your families OK? :confused: It does not look very good from over here. :eek: I pray you folks are OK!!

The ones that blowing up the busses and the trains will be found and dealt with quickly...I know a few GOOD OLD BOYS that would love to get their hands on them!!
rick my family that are in london are fine just talked to them

as for the GOB'S we have a little group of folks called the anti terrorist squad that work for the police and army and they are very good at finding these folks
as a lot of pira, ira , udf and a few others will admit to theres also a little group in hereford that like to play with them so we will find them :D

we must remember that britain has had more terrorist attacks than any country in the world in the last 45 years so we are used to them and what to do , its folks from here who went to spain to find the rail bombers there

i just wonder if it was the french upset about the olympics coming here :D
its not like they dont mind blowing things up ask jim in NZ
Great to hear you and your family are OK! :D
Hoping all of us send some prayers, good thoughts, etc

My elderly neighbor is always saying 'what's the world coming to'? Today is a good day for that saying. I'm praying all our friends and family are okay and that the families of the injured and dead are getting the help they need. What a horrible, horrible event.
1 good thing from yesterday does any one want any cheap teeshirts


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Never Give In!

baz said:
i just wonder if it was the french upset about the olympics coming here :D
its not like they dont mind blowing things up ask jim in NZ
The only way terrorists win is if we give in to them or let them alter our way of living - they simply have to be hunted to extinction.

I am sure the French had nothing to do with the recent attack on the Underground - they learnt their lesson when they took us Kiwis too cheap!
One NZ Policeman just kept asking questions till he hunted them down - cruised the bars of Paris and Marseilles till someone was dumb enough to answer his questions!

The perpetrators of the outrage on the Underground simply have no idea of the tenacity and uncompromising dedication of enraged Anglo-Saxons!
spdkilz02 said:
why cant the world just get along?
to many countrys want to be top dog
we want what we had before 1914 , usa wants what it thinks it should have , and most of the arab oil nations want the power that they think goes with most of the force that runs the world (oil) , also remember that we (the us and britain )are the ones that trained them in the first place so they would fight the russians in afganistan ,the communists in chile, the iraqis after they kicked you out of iran , we sow and so shall we reap
time to get down off the soap box
I heard that the IOC, in their great wisdom, will not have baseball or softball at the 2012 games, they are going to replace it with.....rugby, squash, cricket, or roller blade sports. They sure are some great sports there ;)

I am sure the Brits should do great in 3 of those 4 sports... I would vote on rugby (it is close to football). I am sure we (USofA) could field a good team for that ;) but we would get our b**t kicked by the likes of GB, NZ and AU, but I would not mind that...they are great winners!!
i see the nuggets are at it again in london :mad:
Baz if that's the Denver nuggets please do whatever is needed to keep them there. If they win a game it's a front page story here.
no dave its bombs on the tube and bus again
From what I have heard on the drive into work they were not as big as the last ones, and they may have someone already in the hospital. This is very sad :(. I hope and pray nowone is hurt!!
latest is 1 or 2 arrested 1 injury but could be a bomber so thats ok
looks like this was definitely the b team :D

baz said:
latest is 1 or 2 arrested 1 injury but could be a bomber so thats ok
The "best" sort of suicide bomber - One who only blows himself up ........ :rolleyes:
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