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BE forewarned. The CHP is stepping up patrols. So for those with a heavier than normal right foot...

(03-04-2004) - The California Highway Patrol is cracking down on speeding drivers throughout the state, officials announced Thursday.

Six additional CHP officers will patrol San Diego County's roads, concentrating on every freeway at least once, beginning with the 125 Freeway Thursday, Officer Lorenzo Ruano said. The CHP will also increase freeway patrols with its airplanes and helicopters, he said.

CHP officials are not disclosing how long the speed enforcement program will last.

"Speeders are the primary cause of collisions on California's freeways, and we've noticed more and more people are speeding without regard to the speed limit," Ruano said. "Our bosses in Sacramento thought this would be a good time to teach people to slow down and obey the speed limit."
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