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A little background first. I had a 76 Datsun B210. Me and a friend were headed up to the lake in Antrim, NH. And to make a long story short, we rolled it and the officer ended up giving me a warning for speeding. Me and my friend flipped the car over on it's wheels and drove off. I drove that car for 3 more weeks until I bought the Black 1971 GT (caught fire the first day).

On the 3rd day, Me and my friend that was with me when we rolled the Datsun, were driving in my GT. I will have to admit, looking back, that I was showing it off. We were in Antrim and headed back up to the same lake. There is a long straight and I punched the gas. At the end of the straight there is a pretty good corner. I hit about 75 and was approaching the corner. I got into the brakes and droped to about 55. In the corner there was some sand on the road and rear end started to come around on me. I came out of the corner and I was sideways in my lane, can you say Police Officer? Turns out I was only going 54.... in a 35. And would you believe it was the same officer that gave me the warning!! That was my first ticket in a GT.
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