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I brought over my 2 door ascona 1979 that i bought from the worms junkyard back in 2000 I brought the car
over in 2006 with plenty of spare parts. the car was bought in 1979 by a 78 year old man and he sold it in 1996 at the age 97 I have the fahrzeugbreif and abmelding papers still. a gi got it and then junked it. the car was driven only 1500km every year before i got it. It was junked cause oil looked like milkshake but that was cause of condensation
I swapped out the rear end from a manta 2le a 2.2l from a 84 rekord a standard 4 speed even thought I got a 5 speed in my garage put in a black velour interior from the same manta(has wood grain on door panels)a gauge cluster with oil temp volt and rpm. intalled side pop out windows anadjustable side mirrors. i even located an original radio with the paperwork.The 2.2 has a racing clutch(I hate it and thinking about removing it) and headers. I also put a 6 cylinder throttle body on it. i have got more than ill ever need and thought if anyone needs parts I have some some examples are a 1.9l engine normal that will need to bee looked at last ran in 1999 I think i needed a new cam shaft Ive got a 1.9l s head to put on there a 4 speen manual a set of springs and koni shocks that lower
the car a german trailer hitch dash clusters and a lot more im in north carolina and if any one to look at the parts let me know
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