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Opel Astra (2000+)

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I don't know what the models numbers are with the Astras, and I can't really get a lot of information on them online, I've tried... Couldn't get a lot.

Now I'm interested in the 2000+ model, probably a 2001 or a 2002.

Opel Astra 1.6CS or the 1.8CSE. Or however they are called. I'd like to know their model numbers... Like E36/E46 with BMW and MK4 etc with VWs. So that I can get some more info on them.

I'd like a newer one (just with upgraded interior). but I only have a limited budget that's why I'd like to find out now. Just to narrow my choices down, as this is going to be my first car. Around $12500 (US).

I'm basically looking at buying one of the following, VW Polo 1.6 (2001/2002) or Opel Astra 1.6CS (2001/2002) [or even a 1.8CSE if i'm lucky]

And I'd like specs and (most importantly, since it'd change my mind between then astras, which year model has the better/newer interior)

Thanks in advance :)

[From Western Cape in South-Africa]
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Have a look at the Holden sites in New Zealand & Australia - they sell Opel Astras there as "Holden" Astras.



A couple of web addresses that may show you something.

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