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The Carolina Opel Club had a meeting at Brian Quick's home in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 4th. The meeting went great but only a few of showed up. Myself, John May and his son and Mike Preble came. We all got there by 12 noon and we stayed until around 5 PM that evening.
We had a demonstration that went great! We changed the rear bushings and upper spring caps on Roy Bell's GT. John May even asked "What is a bushing?" before we started so he asked a lot of questions and learned a lot. We took the Panhard Rod out and it was bent slightly so we straightened it, cleaned it up, painted it and replaced the bushings. We did the same to the torsion (trailing) arms on each side. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to complete. Then we talked about replacing the front bushings and how to lower the front spring without taking the front end out.
At that point, we went in and ate burgers with Brian and his wife. We discussed the awards at the AutoFair and how they are awarded. We put ideas on the table and had a very good discussion on it. I will be writing up a list of our proposals and send it out to all club members for their inspection. Anyone can add their thoughts to it and make changes if they feel like it is necessary. We may not have thought of something so it would be good to get everyone's opinion before we make it final. Of course, we can always change things later, too.
We also thought about having another meeting in early August. It will be either in Reidsville, NC at Jarrell Young's ([email protected]) home or with Roy Bell near Charlotte at a location to be announced later.
If any of you have any thoughts or ideas for future meetings, please let us know.
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