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:eek: -Upcoming events (Texas)
Spring Get Together
Saturday, May 18th, 2002

You are invited to attend the 2002 Spring Get Together with the Opel Club of Texas.This invitation is open to anyone with an interest in Opels, you don’t have to be from Texas!

Date: May 18-19, 2002
Location: The home of Dieter and Kornelia Sadlmaier. Maps will be posted or sent to you.

The Spring Get Together Date has finally be decided upon! May 18 and 19, 2002. Sorry it took so long, but schedules had to be worked around for our host Dieter and Kornelia Sadlmaier. They have a real nice home just outside of Meridian, which is fifty miles northwest of Waco, off of Highway 6.

For this event a $25 RSVP deposit per car/member with guest will cover food and sodas and one free T-shirt per RSVP, additional T-shits will be between $15 and $18 ea. Camping is avaible, hotel list has yet to be determined, but will finalized very soon. The Sedlmaiers own 10 graymarket Opels, so come and enjoy the Opels and the scenery.

Mail your RSVP fee with your name, model Opel, and number of Guest in your party to:
Opel Club of Texas
c/o Rodney Killingsworth
2693 FM 896
Leonard TX 75452

And of couse BYOB. Stay Tuned.
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