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if you have a shop you use and recommend for opels. please list here.

I am going to recommend :
Foreign Car Enterprise
2342 Holly
Kansas City Mo

816 471 6687

they were recommended to me by a member of the local mg club.they are known for vintage car restorations. MG, Triumph,Lotus,Austin Healey and vintage Jaguar.

Some things they have done for me include 1- fabrication and welding of cracked firewall 2- rebuild front end 3- Install rear axle ..plus other odds and ends stuff when I got stuck. They are currently helping me with my engine rebuild and were the shop that demonstrated the 32-36 weber rebuild club video. so they have been very opel friendly. they can do a nut and bolt restoration if anyone needs it done professionally, W/O paying coast prices. car shipping to kc is no problem.

here are photos from his shop today.


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