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Opel GT #3, the next victim

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One week after the 71 GT was totaled I received a check from the insurance company. I already had my next victim lined up. It was a primer grey 73 GT. I purchased it and went and got 10 day temp plates. I was driving in Dublin, NH .. you might remember, but that is where I totaled the 71 GT. I was not speeding or doing anything wrong and next thing you know, Blue lights behind me. I pulled over and the officer (skippy) asked me for my drivers license and registration. I fumbled with my wallet and handed them both to him. He then said "you have been driving around on those temp plate a long time now haven't you?". I reponded with "only 4 days". He then started questioning me about where I got the plates. I said from the state. He asked me why I painted it Grey. I said I didn't paint it grey. He started to act like he was frustrated with me. I asked him why he pulled me over and he said because I have been using 10 day plate for a month. I asked why he thought that and he said because he had seen them on the car when it was black.

"Ohhhhh" I replied and said "you think this is the black Opel GT". "The one that I totaled 2 weeks ago?" "The one sitting right beside your office window". "The one that you were parked next to minutes ago when you got in your car at the station". "Nope this isn't that one. And the plates are 4 days old".

I saw the light bulb go off in his head when I mentioned that it was outside his office window where he must look at it every day. He said "no problem" and handed me back my license and registration.

The high school that I graduated from gave out "pocket diploma's". It's just a little pocket sized diploma that is laminated and about the size of a drivers license. It turns out that when he gave me back my license and registration, I had given him my pocket diploma !! He never asked to see my real license, never even questioned it. When I noticed what he had given me back, I leaned out my car window and said "Hey, wait, I have my license right here". He said "don't worry about it, have a nice day".

They don't make police like him anymore. I have several other GT stories that I will post that he is in also.
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Tire Fryin GT said:
I pulled over and the officer (skippy) asked me for my drivers license and registration.
Would that be Skip Lane?

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