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hey every one!!! i got my opel gt about two months ago, of course it needs minor restoration, interior, body, motor, etc. but over all its a pretty good little car. Well im only 15 so i could drive it home, all the way.:D I was supprised that thang ran pretty good. but the brakes were no where to be found!!!!:eek: . so there for after i redo my interior, (thats what im on now). im going to replace my brakes, now here is my questions....
1) how much does it cost to have the whole thing done?( brake shoes, rotors, caliper,etc)?????
I know somethings about my opel and not a whole lot about cars in general...plus i don't want to screw anything up. so i need a guess-o-mation of how much if would cost to have it done.

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Without some idea of where you are now it is really hard to say. You could be out of brake fluid at a cost of five bucks, or everything is shot but you have brake fluid for hundreds of dollars. Start at the beginning and check the fluid. If low or empty look for leaks and anything else that is obviously wrong. Then with somebody elses help, check each wheel for brake action.

One clue is does the pedal go to the floor or is it stiff. When I got mine the brake pedal was stiff and it stopped itself, so I thought everything was fine. Turned out that I had a good brake (front passenger) the rubber hoses everywhere else were shot and no fluid would pass through them. All the shoes and pads were good, especially the back, like they had never been used. What looked like a mess turned out to be about 100 bucks in parts. That was cylinder rebuild kits and hoses. I also rebuilt the master cylinder while I was at it, for that price.

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Rough #'s, off the top of my head:

Front Calipers (2)- $70 each (loaded $102)
Front rotors (2)- $35 each ($22 from tire rack)
Tool for front rotors (1)- $6
Caliper grease/ antisqueek- $7
Front rubber brake lines (2)- $25
front brake pads- $22 (get Napa silver)
While you're at it, front wheel bearings and seals: $35

Master cylinder- $40 (rebuilt, $152 new)

Rear wheel cylinders (2)- $24 each
Rear brake shoes- $27
Rear rubber brake line- $25
Drums turned (2)- $12 each (maybe you can find new ones, I can't)

Total $496+ labor

Expect parts mark up of 20% or so at a brake place and $200-350 for labor, so $800-950 for absolutly everything.

Best to start with the $5 can of brake fluid and a Saturday.

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rotors and calibers

Since were talking about brake jobs I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased one of the rotor and caliber kits on ebay. The racing or vented rotors? Are they a good price and is it as easy to install as they say? Any help on this subject is much appreciated. Thanks Jeff

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Do you mean the kit from the Dude in Miami? If so, it's not the easy bolt on that it's represented to be.....I'll talk more about it after I finish with it. Let's just say that I am still kicking myself in the a_ _ for not spending a little more and get it from a reputable source like OGTS in the first place.
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