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Yes there is. A Ford Zetec 2.0, Subaru 6 speed, and narrowed Ford 7.5 rear end. Other then removing the stock mickey mouse throttle linkage brackets and a very small dent in the right inner fender well to clear an AC fitting, View attachment 429110 it fits like it was made for it. Of course that's not to say there isn't a lot of fab work involved. But as far as fitting in without hacking, size wise it does fit easily. However with that being said. And I'm not trying to be insulting. Usually when you have to ask "will it work or will it fit" that's not a good sign. Please heed Kwilford's advice and do not attempt an engine swap of any kind unless you have the skills, time, money and most importantly the obsession to get it done properly. Far to many nice GT's have ended up at the bone yard because of failed engine swaps.
So the zx2
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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