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Opel GT Gull Wing

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gull-wing doors....

Who can tell me more about the installation of gull-wing doors. Also where would I be able to find these? If I install(or get them installed) them would it weaken the frame? Please give me any info on this subject before I make the choise if installing them.
Thanks Arjan.
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gull-wing doors...

Gull wing doors, can anybody tell me the pro's and con's of installing these doors? Thanks, from the new guy!
I want to think that the company that makes this "kit", is LENK Tuning, which is in Germany. You'd have to order direct from them. As for anyone in this group having one on the road, the only person I know of is Todd Martin of Opels Unlimited. LENK is on-line at www.lenk-opel-tuning.de Opels Unlimited is www.opelsunl.com/anv1.htm
The kit actually comes from a company called Luma Tuning, and as far as I know there are only two working examples, one is the one that Todd at OU has which is a severly rusted european car, and the other is the factory prototype. Unless you are a serious custom car builder this is way more work than you want to take on. I believe the kit is around $3k as well, and that is just for the parts. You can find them at Susselbek.
Thanks for th einfo guy's. And yes I am serious about making this a one of a kind Opel GT. The way I have it planned it will cost me around $15,000 + dollar. But once it is done I will have my dreamcar up and running!!
Gull wing

There is another nice example on OGTS website of a yellow one, that has alot of custom metal work done to the body. As far as 15,000 into an Opel?????? I might steer towards the Mopar. At least I may get the full return on my investment. Seems the more money you put into an Opel, the more you lose when you (if you do) go to sell it.
who would ever sell there GT............
Gullwing GT

Just thought I'd stir the pot a bit. found this picture on another site.


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That is exactly what I am talking about!! And your right who would ever want to sell a gt like that! Those are the exact doors for the gt I want to build, the body kit is different from the one that i might put on there (if i put one on that is). Thanks to everyone for reassuring me that gull-wing doors are the right on for my opel!
...very old Thread, how is the status about your dreams on wheels?

here are some pics from my Gullwing ...maybe a good motivation :veryhappy

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What a car!!!!For me the GREATEST GT EVER!!Congratulation!!I like most the inlet on the door!!
Regards Argyris.
I like most the inlet on the door!!

It needs to be bigger:

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Just Gorgeous!

Hey guys! Just had to comment on the gullwings.... wow!! They are amazing!!! Great job on them!
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