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hi gt fans
this way,I am trying to put the history of my gt up to date,
I bought the car in 2001 and are restoring the car to its full
the gt is an american type build in 1971,yellow and white interior
I supose I am the third owner???
the previous owner,I allready send a letter but no reply
the guy lived(or lives) in Apple Valley,California(any members over there???)
the owner before him was lokated in San Diego,I discovered,
while restoring the car,a lost creditcard from San Diego Bank
(info on card=1159 SDTS with persons name on it,will not put
on the internet for privacy reasons)
if someone knows how to recover the previous owners,please
contact me
if someone lives in Apple Valley ,help is usefull
this way a bit of detectivework could bring the history of a gt
back together

thanks for any help::cool:
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