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Opel GT in CT

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There is a 73 GT for sale in CT which looks complete but needs to be put together.

Here is the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...item=4540915145&category=6390&sspagename=WDVW

It looks nice from the pictures. Anyone in New England able to go see this one? If I had room for another one, I'd take it. Looks like a little wrench turning and you could have a nice GT.
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Well, it sold with the "buy it now" feature. Did anyone here get it?
Oh you mean like the listed buyer using the same name here maybe? Looks like it's headed for Massachusets.
Opel Gt In Ct

I am the lucky one and will be picking it up on Sunday :rolleyes: :D
Congrats! Will you be using the auto or 4 speed transmission when you put it together?
4 speed or auto

Id prefer to keep original and it had the auto but then my 69 is an auto so maybe go with the 4 speed,, heck I don't know right now I have to make room in the garage. Wife says if I buy another Opel I'll be sleeping in it. :eek:
richrosenberger said:
..Wife says if I buy another Opel I'll be sleeping in it. :eek:
Been there, heard that. I'm "down" to 5 now. ;)
Interesting point's of view. Rich I think that one looks to be great at that price, one of the best builder ones I've seen in a while.

On the other side, if you have a raging case of Opelitis you need to check with the significant other or prepare for being in deep kimshee. In my case the significant other has more Opels than I and more history with them. Go figure?
I am working on making my case of opelitis contagious,I think the lovely woman maybe a carrier but has not quite broken out yet. Actually my other hobby is sailing she tells me I need to reduce the fleet of sailing vessels She gets worried when I,m out on Buzzards Bay singlehanding a sailboat so I think I'll honor her wishes there.

Now for the fun part of assembling this gem from CT. It may not be ready for Carlis :rolleyes: le but will be for opels on the lawn
richrosenberger said:
.....It may not be ready for Carlisle :rolleyes: but will be for opels on the lawn
That's good to hear. The turnout last year was real disappointing. If we don't get a good commitment this year, they may dump us into the "Other German Cars" category. I may send in a donation to cover the cost of the plaques.
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