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To use the rotary engine you would need to make these modifications.

1. Custom engine mount and trans mount, this is fairly easily fabricated.
2. I would suggest a custom radiator with electric fan.
3. you would need to have the output shaft of the trans made to the propper length.
4. Custom throttle setup, I suggest a cable setup as uposed to the lever system that is stock on the GT.
5. there might be a slight modification needed to the driver side foot well area, but nothing major, the rotary is a small engine.
6. A custom exhaust would need to be fabricated.
7. Front spring shackels. The rotary motor weighs less so you need to lower the front end.

Actually most of these things would need to be done in any motor swap, the rotary would be my choice because of it's small size and weight. It would require minimal modification to the engine compartment.
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