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opel gt restoration

as being my first car, an opel gt.i need to know if im going in the right direction in restoring it.... The first thing im doing, which im working on now is the interior, headliner, dash, seats, stero,etc.
so tell me if this is a good way to go...
1) interior.
2)tune up engine, tranny, brakes, and new exhaust system
3) new rims and tires
4) body kit, and new lens
5) paint job, and misc....
WEll I think this is a good way to go, but im not sure. any advice will help. thanks

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It's a good plan, but, time, money and skills, dictate what and when things get done. One plan is as good as the next. The only common factor, is the end results. Do what works best for you.:)

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you can restore in any order you like...keep in mind however the order you DO choose to do it in...


Personally, I would do it in this order: (roughly)

1) Bodywork (fixing dents/mods at this time etc)/engine rebuild (simultaneously)

Since the motor will be out of the car....

2) Chassis work/suspension/brakes

Then interior (removeing all glass...)

3) Then paint while glass/motor is out of car so I get engine compartment and clean lines around seals

4) Then install interior/motor

Or any sub combo therof....

Like, I just painted ONLY the engine compartment while the motor was out, and reinstalled the motor...so it was painted but I didn't have to wait in untill the whole car was painted. I can work on other parts of the car in the meantime and get the motor tweaks worked out.

The point is: Think a few steps ahead.

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