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From Gil and Dennis at Opel GT Source:

Opel GT Source Christmas Special:

I would like to take this time to personally Thank each of you for making
2005 a successful business year, for Opel GT Source

In Appreciation we would like to offer you the following Specials.

Not Sure What to Get?
Opel GT Source Gift Certificates are Available, call 1 (800) 673-5487 to Order

Opel GT Source, would like to announce a 10% Off Sale on all 'Regular Stocking Items' *
starting next Monday December the 12th. 2005, until Friday December 30th. 2005.
We are open, Monday -Friday 8AM-5PM Pacific Time.

- Any Order placed between December 12th through December 30th 2005, Over $150.00 in Merchandise, will receive
your choice of either a, 1 : 25th scale "Opel GT Source" AMT model kit, OR a pair of Smoke Colored GT Front
Curved lenses, Free with your order. -

* Note: All 'Regular Stocking Items', will be 10% off, with the exception of, Complete Engines, Transmissions,
Special Order Items, Wheels or on European Import items. (Subject to Supplies on Hand.)

- Special: GT Front Curved Lens. Buy One left or right Curved Lens & Get the other Free.
Your choice of the Amber, Smoke or Clear.

Christmas Gift Ideas:
- Opel GT Custom fit Car Cover, specifically made for the Opel GT, made of Techralon, part # 12053 $180.00
Colors Available: Tan, Gray & Blue
- Opel GT,1:43rd. Die Cast Models, from $35.00 to $45.00 (approx. 3 3/4 in. long)
Available colors: Yellow, White, Red, Gold, dark metallic Blue, Yellow GT/J,
Greder Racing GT & German GT Police car.
- Opel GT 1:18th. Die Cast, $89.00 available in the Yellow GT/J version, over 9 inches long.
- Opel Manta GT/E, 1:43rd. Die Cast, $35.00 Silver with Black stripes.
- Other Opel Models are available. (call for info)
- Wrist Watch, Opel GT with black leather band, by La Bruyere with gift case, $99.00
- Book, Opel GT Gold Portfolio, includes history & many road tests, part # 14022 $25.00
- Book, Opel Manta, limited edition, covers the US & European Manta A models, part # 14024 $19.95
- Book, 'So Wird Er Schneller', German language book, covers period performance modifications, $30.00
- OEM Style Opel 1.9L Ignition Wire Set, with Coil Wire, $9.00 (specify model)

IN-Stock & Available Again!
- Weber 32/36 DGEV Electric Choke & Weber 38 DGES Electric Choke Carburetors are IN! -
- Engine Bearings, All sizes from Standard to 0.040 oversizes are IN! -

Catalog Updates

Opel GT Source is proud to Announce many 'New Items',
as well as the new products that we are currently developing.

Some of the Items Opel GT Source has Produced this Year: all items each, unless noted otherwise

Wheels Coming February 2006!
- Opel GT Source is pleases to announce a 16 x 7 inch wheel, for the Opel GT. This wheel has the "Classic Look"
of the RS BBS mesh wheel, like those pictured on our Catalog Cover. This Classic Look wheel runs a +35 mm offset,
and must be used in conjunction with a custom 4x100 7/8 inch wheel spacer/adapters, which are available from us.
The Wheel features a Billet screw-on Center Cap. $236.00 each, part # 16X7RS
- Flyer Available -
- GT, Front Amber US version, Turn Signal Lens, part # 5065 $29.00 each
- GT, Front Clear US version, Turn Signal Lens, part # 5066 $29.00 each
Rubber Boots & Interior Parts
- GT, 4 speed Shifter Boot, new mold, part # 8020 $32.40 each
- Manta / Ascona, NOS 4 speed Shifter Boot, part # 15004 $20.00
- Manta, Interior Door Lock Chrome Bezel, $9.00 each
- GT, Rack & Pinion Boot, part # 3012 $12.00 each (2 required) -also fits Kadett
- GT, Dust Boot, Steering shaft at firewall, part # 3058 9.00 GT each
- GT, Dust Boot, Rack & Pinion Input Shaft, part # 3057 $9.00 each
- GT, Under Car, Parking Rod Boot, part # 4063 $9.00 each
- GT, Fuel Line to Body Boot, part # 9007 $9.00 each
- GT, Drain Boot, Rear Body, part # 12010 $8.00 each (2x per GT)
- GT, Gasket, Heater Tubes to Firewall, part # 11024 $9.00 each
- GT, Connector Boot, for Stock Air Cleaner, part # 9052 $20.00
- GT, Breather Hose, Valve Cover to Solex Air Cleaner, part # 9053 $15.00
- Stainless Steel Trim Screws, part # 2024, $0.30 each (for GT Dash & Door Sill Plate)
- GT, Dash Vent Knob, part # 2047 $9.00 each (vent on GT dash sides)
- GT, Headliner Rear Trim Locking Strip, Black $3.00 each (2x required), for rear window area
- GT, Arch Upholstery lower rear window area, $20.00 -above package tray, below rear glass- (Black)
- GT, Wheel Well Upholstery, $25.00 each, left or right (available in Black, Tan & Off-White)
- GT, Nylon Door Track Guide, $20.00 set of 4 - to repair metal window guide -
- GT, Leather Seat Upholstery, black, part # 1021 $750.00 pair
Engine Parts
- 2.0L Pistons, to modify a 1.9L into a 2.0L, part # 6132 $380.00 set of 4, with Rings & Pins
- GT, Performance 'Snorkel Kit', fits down draft 32/36 Weber, part # 9063 $120.00
(retains the GTs stock air filter housing), or Use to build your own Custom Cold Air system!
- High Performance Weber electric Fuel Pump, with Regulator, part # 9064 $120.00 set
- Weber DCOE, Soft Mount Kit, part # 9065 $22.50 each (one kit required per Weber) specify 40 or 45 mm
- 1.9L Dipstick Rubber Plug, to repair early model dipsticks, part # 6160 $6.00 each (except some early Kadett)
- Thermostat EFI, proper Fuel Injection thermostat, part # 11022 $10.00 each (specify 160 or 180 degrees)
- German Style Radiator Cap, part # 11020A $12.00 each
- Water Pump, New Bosch, $69.00 each
- Clutch Arm Return Spring, Universal, $8.00 each
- 2.2 & 2.4L Lower Radiator Hose, part # 16025 $33.00 each (for EFI engines)
- 2.0L Opel Original Head Gasket Set $65.00
- 2.0L Opel Original Bottom End Gasket Set, w/o Rear Main Seal $39.00
- Spark Plug Wire Router, NOS Opel, part # 6152 $15.00 each
Suspension Parts
- GT, Upper Ball Joints, part # 3013 $45.00 each (2 required per GT) - also fits Kadett 1.9L
- Manta/Ascona, Sway Bar to Frame Bushings, part # 15079 $49.00 each (2x required per car)
- GT Bump Stop Bushing, part # 3020 $10.20 each (4x per GT) - also fits Kadett
- GT Front Susp. Upper & Lower Inner Metal Sleeves, w/ toothed ends # 3059 $49.20 (specify year) set of 8
- Wheel Stud, 5.5 mm Longer, part # 7020A $7.80 each (total thread length 32 mm)
Emblems, Grommets & Stickers
- GT, Tire Pressure, Size & Load Limit Decal, part # 12097 $6.00 each
- GT, Towing Eye Decal, part # 12098 $6.00 each
- GT, Brake Booster Decal, part # 4063 $5.00 each
- GT, Emblem Grommets 1968-1970, Part # 12094 $6.00 set for car
- GT, Emblem Grommets 1971-1973, Part # 12095 $5.00 set for car
- Manta, Emblem Grommets 1971-1975 , Part # 12096 $6.00 set for car
- Manta Script Emblem, part # 15085 $49.00 each
- Manta 1900 Badge, part # 15086 $21.00 each
- Manta Blitz Emblem Chrome, for Grill, part # 12001 $25.00 each

New Items Opel GT Source. Coming Soon!
GT Heater Control Cables, set of upper & lower
GT Head Light Cable
4 Speed Inner Shifter Detent Cable
Manta Trim Clip, for wheel well trim
Manta B, Interior Window Crank Handles, will fit GT, Manta & Ascona A & Kadett B
Many NOS Opel Parts from Opel in Germany
Many Good Used 2.0L, 2.2L & 2.4L Opel Engines
Many Getrag 5 speed Transmissions
Heavy Duty Torque Tube Mounts
Spax Externally Adjustable Shock Absorbers
16 x 7 inch Wheels, with the RS BBS Look!

Opel GT Source is working on some very New & Exciting items for 2006.
Announcements will be sent via E Mail as these items become available.
- GT Rear Trim Strip
- GT Door Window Chrome
- GT Quarter Window Chrome, for the Fixed & Pop-Out Windows.
- GT Chrome Corners, for Doors & Quarter Windows
- GT 1970-73 Turn Signal Ring, complete with dimmer switch contact!

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Dave , I am also doing a bump for the sale , new products coming out !
HTH Guyopel :banana: :banana:

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Just a quick .02 on this thread. I am sure anyone who has dealt with Opel Gt Source knows they are are a group of pros. They take and fill orders in a timely manner. Answer practicly any question on Opels you may have, and generaly support the Opel community. What you may or may not be aware of is that they often donate their products as raffle and door prize items for Opel events across the country. Gil and the guys at OGTS more than deserve our thanks and support.

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I can't agree with Opeljohn more. I have called them, described a mechanical/electrical problem and it is solved within minutes. They are a great team!!!! GO OGTS:yup:


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Opel GT Source always gets my business

Opel GT Source is my "source" for parts for my Opel GTs. They run a great business and haven't let me down; although I am still waiting on a set of rocker arm nuts that are backordered from Germany. Apparently they haven't got their shipment in yet, but I know I'll get them. I am looking forward to when they'll have available reproduction defroster vents. I sure they will be looking at other parts to reproduce. The more business they get from all of us Opel owners will enable them to keep expanding their parts inventory. I know that I will want them to stay in business for a long while since I plan to restore a couple more Opel GTs!

Randy S 71 and 70 Opel GT owner (soon to be selling the 70)

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Thought I'd post praises as well to OGTS (Gil and Dennis) all my orders were quick and painless, all good and most helpful. Looking forward for the GT chrome trim additions as mine look like they were fed through a grinder. (sloppy removal on my part)

- GT Rear Trim Strip
- GT Door Window Chrome
- GT Quarter Window Chrome, for the Fixed & Pop-Out Windows.
- GT Chrome Corners, for Doors & Quarter Windows

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I ordered a lot of x-mas suprizes for my two daughters, (for their new Opels). As soon as they arrive I'll wrap them up. :D

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To put it bluntly, at the OMC fest two years ago, Gil told the attendees that "I had bought the store" when he was handing out Opel parts, and I was a recipient for some of the goodies. During the rebuild of Willit?s brakes, there were a couple of problems with the lines and the MC. I explained the problems to both Gil and Dennis, and the replacement parts were in hand within a couple of days, free of charge. You cannot beat that kind of customer service. If you need a part and they have it, you'll get it post haste. If they don't have it, they'll do their darndest to find one for you. They are the premier parts source for us, without a doubt.

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I took the plunge...

I just ordered my 2.0L pistons. Now I am committed. I also got the timing chain and tensioner pads.

I spent enough to get a free set of smoked front lenses!

Now to find a machine shop to bore my block....

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They are great, I've taken a few dips in that parts pool. 11k so far and now the wagon needs help.

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Thank you!

One of the highest prices we pay for living in paradise is the price gouging that goes on when it comes to shipping ANYTHING to Hawaii. None of the "FREE SHIPPING" offers apply to us, but I've got to hand it to Gil and Dennis. They really go out of their way to find us the cheapest shipping possible. All of our phone conversations/orders usually has this line in it - "Hold on a second and let me see if it fits in a flat rate box." Beautiful words for us! THANK YOU for all the great customer support!
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