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Here is the article translated.
The car manufacturer Opel closes its plant in Eisenach due to delivery bottlenecks from next week, initially until the end of the year. "Due to the ongoing pandemic and a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, the global automotive industry is in an exceptional situation," said a spokesman for the manufacturer belonging to the European conglomerate Stellantis, explaining the move.
In this “demanding and uncertain situation” the company now wants to “make adjustments to production”. "Automobilwoche" initially reported on the break in production.
According to the spokesman, 1,300 employees are affected by the temporary closure of the plant in Thuringia . “Short-time working is planned for employees in order to make the measure socially acceptable.” In the meantime, part of the production is to be temporarily outsourced to the Sochaux plant in France.
How many vehicles will not roll off the line due to the months of downtime is difficult to estimate, since production has already been reduced due to delivery bottlenecks and long delivery times, it said. The entire automotive industry has been struggling with delivery problems for semiconductors for some time.
The "chip problem" seems to affecting everyone.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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