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I bought a GT last year that had boxes of various Opel Parts in it. Several of them were for the GT and some were definitely not. I asked him where these came from and he said that he had bought out a Buick dealership of their Opel parts several years back. While I can identify most every GT part, I don't know much about parts for other models. Perhaps you fine fellow Opelers can help me identify these.

1. I think that the first one is an NOS taillight housing for maybe a mid 60's Kadett wagon??? the box has part number 12 24 056 AH and it is stamped with an 'L' for the left side.

2. I have two sets of seat adjustment knobs. Although these are in boxes, I am not sure that they are all new. They seem to work smoothly and only have visible old grease. Not sure what car. The boxes say 'Conversion kit-seat back adjuster mechanism, left and right." Part number is 166 726.

3. Some oil pressure gauge NOS in the box. The box is hand written with 1248 000. The housing itself is dated 5/68 and has the markings "350.251/34/2". Appears to be new.

Will probably put on the ad board if I can figure out what they are.
Maybe there is already a forum for this sort of thing... My apologies if this is in the wrong place.


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