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hi ..
im Adam 17yr old from israel..
i own a 73' opel manta and i have the original engine works great.
i've painted the car and fixed his outside..
my problem is that the inside is looks bad ..
there is no rust inside but the sits are ruined ..
the dashboard is a little chipped ..
and i also want to make the car more close to the ground ..

i want names of sits and windshields ..
is there any way to replace the dashboard or to fix it ?
am i need the drawing of the car's bodywork to make it lower?

hope you to help me and sorry that i can't right with better grammar ..

----please send your messages to my email----
*** [email protected] ***

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Dear Adam.

Hi, look at the pictures of my 73at opelgt.com. I am listed under calvin.

I use Honda seats but Mazda seats work too. The best way to lower it is get other springs or use lower profile tires. I use 215x50x13. They do make a 225x45x13 prfile but those are very expensive tires. You should be able to get 50 series 13 in the 185 with for not to much money.

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