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Thanks Again Thomas and Amy for putting on a great Opel Meet. We had a great time.

I'll try to list people and cars, but I know I won't remember them all so others can add to the list.

Thomas & Amy had 5 of their 15 or so Opels on display. (4 gts & 1 Manta)
David Eyles & Girlfriend red 73 GT
Mike & Betsy Pilkenton yellow Saturn Sky
Paul Tipton black GT
Ron Ross fireglow GT
Tom Cavataio fireglow 72 GT
Vickie & Allen Gage red 1969 GT
Don McLean Opelless (they are already stored for winter)
Randy & Vickie Stirm
and boys GT & new project Manta at home (hard to fit the
whole family in the GT

We got home around 8:00 p.m. with no problems.

Vickie & Allen

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Opel Meet in Springfield

Thomas and I want to thank everyone for coming to our meet and making it a success! We hope everyone made it home safe.

Happy Birthday Vickie!!

Hope to see everyone at the next meet.

Thomas & Amy

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Thanks Thomas & Amy. I also had a great time. I got back to Pgh around 8:30. It's about time to put the car away for winter. I put over 7k miles on the GT this year & today was a great way to end the Opel season. Hopefully next year the "A" wagon will be on the road & just as reliable.

~ Tom

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Enjoyed our mini-vacation to the Opel Gathering

Tom and Amy,

Thanks very much for hosting a nice fall gathering of Opel owners! It was nice to meet your children, Emily, Brian and Christopher; and talk to everyone. Tom, I appreciate you taking us for a drive in your Manta to see your other Opels. We will look forward to another trip to Springfield for another visit. Take care.

Randy, Vicki, Taylor and Brenton
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