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On the OMC board:


an Australian reader has asked if anyone knows about an Opel inline-6 engine that Holden installed in their Commodore "VS" sedan with a Statesman front clip, and exported. They apparently labled it an "Opel Calais". He is looking for technical specs on the engine, which to me looks somewhat like the 3.0 litre 6 cylinder CIH Omega engine, with a cross over F.I. manifold. He says they were 2.6 liter in displacement. He refers to this site:


If anyone can help him, please log on to the OMC site and respond. Here is a picture of the engine:


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2.6 dual ram

hi there, just read you thread.

i live in new zealand ,i have just brought a 93 vp holden commodore calais , which has a 2.6 daul ram inline 6 , just like the one in your photo u have attached on here.
we are trying to find out more information about this car/engine ,not having much luck. we have tryed holden clubs etc

Any information that you might know can you please let as know as in like how many commodores came out with this engine?was it a one of for holden? has some extra that must commodores dont have

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This might help:

Holden Royale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Holden VS II Commodore Royale (1998): version of the Holden VS Commodore sedan, built in Australia and sold exclusively in New Zealand. While in similar specification to the Calais also sold in New Zealand, the Royale featured the front-end of the Holden VS Caprice, the alloy wheels from the Holden VS Berlina and 2.5 litre X25XE V6 engine manufactured by Opel. These cars sold in very small numbers through Ebbett Waikato dealerships in 1998 as they were a cancelled Singapore order which could not be sold in Australia but were compliant for sale in New Zealand. Earlier versions of the car were sold in Malaysia and Singapore as the Opel Calais, in both VR and VS series cars, although the VR models featured the 2.6 litre Opel straight-six in lieu of the 2.5."

Also, you may have already been here, lots of stuff on the early 173/202 (bigger and older than yours) and on the Nissan RB series engines that were used in the Australian Commodores (which according to the Wiki Nissan RB page, included a 2.6 single cam Calais produced just for New Zealand (but I suspect that may be the result of someone confusing the Opel 2.6 for the Nissan 2.5/2.6):

Straight 6 Development And Modification - Just Commodores

It seems a fair amount of the Opel Calais ended up in Malaysia, so you might do a little checking there. You might also try contacting our resident kiwi, GTJim. Or is it OpelGTJim? I forget.
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