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opel owners in denver

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I just moved to broomfield colorado and i was wondering if there were any opel owners clubs or groups in the aer
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I am in Black Forest, CO. Rocky Mountain Opels is 'headquartered' in Colorado Springs. As far as I can tell it is not too active but still there for resources. They were trying to coordinate a Summer Cruise and I haven't heard the results of that.

The contact is Branston DiBrell [[email protected]]. He lives in Security, CO (South Colorado Springs)
I'm in laramie wyo, just a little over 2 hours away. Email me anytime, and maybe we could hold a mini meet with some of the locals around wyoming and colorado, or anyone else who wants to come down. The summer crusie idea would be great, and I'm all for it.
I'm almost your next door neighbor in Thornton, about 15 minutes east. My ride isn't streetable, but would enjoy seeing one that is. Email me anytime, maybe we could get together and swap war stories.
In denver

HELLO! Chuck here... I'm in Denver, I25 and Evans-ish... I have a 71 GT and some parts! Branston is the one to get a hold of on the yahoo groups - He can hook you up with everyone in this area - Carl Nordin is a member that has 4 GTs, massive parts and such, I think he is up near you as well. He is a car freak. He hosts car shows, I haven't made it up to see him yet but hopefully soon. it would be nice to get together and meet some other opel fanatics.


I think I might have seen yours.

I'm up in Evergreen. I should have my GT's up from Ga. this fall. At the very least my 1.1L.

Hope to hook up with you guys soon and if you ever want to host an Opelfest up here I own. . . I mean I know of a great little restaurant in Conifer. . . . Plantation House. It's at the Yellow Barn Corner at Barkely Rd and 73.

It's actually my wifes, . . but I'd LOVE to see the lot full of Opels!!!

(Well, . . and Porsche's too, . . but that's another thing!)

ANYway, it'd be neat to set out from here one day and take Mt. Evans by blitz.

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I am over in Aurora i see a few GT's driving around

and 2 Manta's

i don't have a GT to drive but maybe if you guys want to met a sonic some time i am in

David Ligon

Hi all, this may be a long shot.

28 years ago I brought a couple GTs ('71 and '73) out to Denver(actually Westminster) to my future in-laws place (long story behind why they are not my in-laws). But am searching for one, or both if possible. They would have been sold by a gentleman of the name Bob (Robert) Frerich, address at that time would have been on Zenobia Ct. Bob died in 2014. Any help would be much appreciated, or guide me in the right direction to look. Thank you.

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