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I thought it would be kind of nice to compile a list of part numbers where nobody will have to spend so much time searching the forum or arguing with the guys at Oh'really auto parts on what an Opel GT is.
My knowledge is limited to the 6months I've had an Opel so I'm hoping people will add to this and eventually we will have a really good list.

Opel GT 1.9L Parts List
-Oil Filters
Purolator- L10028 (stock/original filter?)
Fram- PH3614
Fram- PH3887A
Fram- PH966B
Fram- PH16 (larger capacity) <-I use this.
Quaker State- QS3614
Supertech- ST3614
CarQuest- 85374
NAPA- 1374
Mobile- M1102
Bosch- 3330
Wix- 51374
K&N- KNN-HP 1002
A/C Delco ACF-PT-53

-Front Wheel Bearing replacement
Outer bearing Napa PBR1
Inner Bearing Napa PBR4
Grease seal National Oil Seals 1174

-Electronic Fuel pump conversion
Carter p60504
Posi-flo 60104

That's all I've got so far! Everybody add something and after we get a nice thread going I'll compile it into a nice alphabetical list and post again.

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Same plugs different numbers


BOSCH Part 7997, 7597, W7BC - SUPER PLUS
NGK Part 7022, BPR6HS, 4511
Champion 929, RL95YC
Denso - 3070


NGK 4085, 4635, BPR6HIX
NGK 5944, BPR7HIX (colder and works)
Denso 5378, IWF20


BTW if all else fails.. RockAuto has a pretty good and easy parts catalog to browse.
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Wagner 1034, BP1034, GE1034
GE#57, AcDelco L57
Wagner #6006, H6024 (halogen), H6024BL (xenon), AcDelco #6024 Dual beam
-License Bulb
GE/Wagner #67
-Side Marker
GE #97, AcDelco L97
-Turn Signal
Wagner 1034, 1154, GE 1034

Cooling System
-Fan belt
Most recommend taking your existing fan belt and matching at the store. I use Gates 13335 for 1970 GT with ARA AC
-Radiator Upper Hose
OGTS is recommended but...
Flex Hose numbers Gates 25302, Goodyear 52016, AcDelco 31622
Molded rubber- Gates 20928 OEM numbers (20787, 7653, CH787, CH787, CH928)
Stant 10229 13psi caps
-Water pumps - 42246, Alternate OEM (511569, 551061)

Windshield Wipers
Bosch 40718A, AcDelco 84418.

Thats all I have for now. If you go to your local part store they will be able to match these numbers to various other brands as well.
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Opel GT Brakes:
Rear Wheel Cylinder Beck/Arnley 072-1548
Hyraulic Hose Beck Arnley (2 front 1 rear) 073-1193
Brake hose: Also Raybestos BH36747 which is current stock and correct length.

Upon installation I found the that the diameter of the the hose end is slightly larger than stock. In order to get them to pass through the mounting brackets at each end I had to open up the bracket holes by about 1 mm. Clips worked fine on them.

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back up light bulb

Just removed a burned out bulb from the back up light. Not sure if it is original but suspect so. Phillips 12850. Crossed over to a Wagner 6451.

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If you're trying to keep it old school and use a mechanical pump, PTZ makes a replacement. PN 4271. They have fuel pumps for various Opels.

Hella I believe makes CIH alternators, I have a 8EL 725 566 001 part number... anyone else confirm that?

Voltage Regulator... anyone else seen these numbers?
Beru AG 0190005024
Bosch 0 190 601 006
Hella 5DR 004 243-111
Monark AVG082601006

Hella 011225871

Bosch / torpedo / continental fuses...
Flosser 5 Amp (yellow) - 114805 - $20 for 100 fuses on Amazon
Flosser 8 Amp (white) - 114808 - $20 for 100 fuses on Amazon

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Air cleaner part numbers for the stock air cleaner assembly on the GT

NAPA 2157
AC Delco A2857C
WIX 42157
Baldwin PA1852
Alco MD128
Bosch 1457429012
Mahle Knecht EL434 (Possible OE air filter?)
Mann C 15551

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I’ve been in contact with Delco and Remy trying to find alternate part numbers for our opels. I did find another option for a new starter. Remy 16443 is the part number. It will fit 1.9L CIH cars. You can get it at amazon, eBay and several other places. The cheapest I found was Car ID for $50.
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