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Opel parts to the rescue

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I was driving my daily driver, 88 Saab SPG, when I heard a pop when applying the brakes. Upon inspection it appeared that the switch that activates the brake lights had broken at the retaining nut and the pieces were on the floorboard. A quick call to our local Saab dealer revealed they didn't have it, and the price was $25. Three days to get here as well, and I'm supposed to be leaving tonight to go out of town. Swell. Looked at the broken switch, then at a brake switch I had for the Gt on the shelf. The only difference was Saab uses straight plug ins and Opel has round plug ins. Quick trip to electrical box revealed round and straight connections. A piece of wire with corresponding plug ins for each, and instillation of Opel brake switch, and was back in business. Original brake switch for Saab ordered online, for $5.25, and a few other parts ordered too, and all will be here Mon. Had to laugh about it. 30+ year old switch, cheap too, and Saab's on the road tonight using Opel parts. Jarrell
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Once again, necessity becomes the "Mother of Invention"!! :)
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