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Hi All;
Attached is a picture of a Panasonic Cockpit AM/FM cassette stereo from the 70's. It mounts in the roof of the vehicle and not the dash. I have always wanted to see if one would fit in a GT. Has anyone run across one of these in their travels?


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Back in the 70's, there was a moderate surge of interest in roof mounting electronics to coincide with the "jet cockpit" look. A setup such as your photo illustrates would not look out of place in a GT as an aftermarket upgrade. Depending on what you wanted to stick up there, a retro style console would look good or a more modern adaptation could be bolted up. Should you choose retro, you can search the stereo archives for the company that rebuilds the insides of old radios to retain the look of the original but with upgraded the state of the art electronics.

Possible sources for newer looking consoles include over the road truck accessories and RV parts suppliers. The van section of the local pull your parts lots should also have a few offerings since there has been a recent resurgence of this feature with that crowd.

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Yeah, that would be a great place to hide the radar detector!
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