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you can put any stereo in your gt as long as it is the standard size, whatever that is, somewhere around 2"x7"(guess). All you have to do is take some tin snips and a file and make a rectangular hole in the stock location. This is pretty guess and check, just have your cd player close so you know what areas of the rectangle are big enough or need to be bigger, and then use the file to modify the hole as needed.

That is how i got mine in anyway, there might be an easier way someone else knows though. O yah i have a blaupunkt mp3000 in my car that fits nicely. I put my wires under the carpet over the driveline hump in the middle of the car.

As the 300watt speaker combo goes it depends on how many amps your alternator is, and if you plan on using an amplifier(amp) or not. With no amp your speakers will draw all its power from the cd player, so your baterry/alternator will be fine, seeing that most cd players are 180-220watts.if you plan to use a amp it depends on how many watts your amp is. When i got my car it had a 35amp alternator and that powered my 185watt cdplayer and 200watt amp, however my battery was close to dead all the time, so i upgraded my alternator to a 45amp, and that powers my 185watt cdplayer and 340watt amp. with my new setup i havent had any probems yet, in the last 2 months ive had it.

So everything comes down to the alternator,and if you plan on using an amplifier or not feel free to ask questions.

well, good luck, i hope that made sense
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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