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I'll break the ice on this forum:
My 69 GT is one of my two daily drivers, the other being a 74 Sportwagon. I have worked for my current company for 18 years now and have never been late, due to my Opels always getting me there. Well, I have taken years of raggin' from my co-workers about my "old import cars". Well, last summer, my GT's fuel pump went out on me as I was backing into my parking space. I located a fuel pump at a nearby "Mom & Pop" auto parts store (another funny story) and proceeded to fix my GT out in the parking lot. All the while I wrenchin' away, a couple of my co-workers took the oppertunity to get in a few more "comments", well, 20minutes later, I roll out from under the GT, drop it on the ground, hit the key and she fires up. Well, in a calm voice, I turn to my co-workers, and drop the broken, greasy pump in their hands. mind you, this is the ORIGINAL pump. The motor has been rebuilt, by me, but, I used a few of the original accessories. This car has over 250K on it. And the diaphram didn't break, it was the mounting base, it broke from age!I said to them as they're looking at the pump, "After 33 years and 250,000 miles, you'd figure the Germans would make something that lasts" I have not heard word one about either one of my Opels since then.
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