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Kinda just a quick shnippet from a conversation I had at a Halloween pary last night.

Around five of us guys were sitting around talking about cars. Three of them are hardcore Mustang people, myself and another guy were both into different kinds of cars.
One of the guys there is known as having one of the fastest Mustangs in the area, a '66 fastback, 700ish dyno'd horsepower. That kind of stuff. 10.2 quarter miles. Sounds like a decent car to me.
In this circle I am pretty much labelled a Camaro guy, cause I'm not a fan of Mustangs, but when asked what kind of car I wanted, I said "an Opel GT".

Everyone there is dumbfounded except the other non-Mustang guy. His dad actually had one for a long time. Apparently, once they were driving around on a twisty mountain road, when a truck came around a corner in pretty far into their lane. His dad jerked the wheel towards the edge of the drop-off, and then back. The GT kicked up onto two wheels, skid around the turn, landed, and was still runnin strong.

No one else there had even heard of an Opel GT, but they all respected them after my friend's story. My friend was then all interested as to how I found out abotu them, and whether I knew where he could get one.

Just a little story.
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