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Opel/Vauxhall C22XE Engine Modifications

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Forgive me if I'm retreading old ground, I have searched for "Frontera" as well as C22XE in an attempt to find modding info on this...

I am currently the proud owner of a UK Spec Vauxhall Frontera Sport RS 2.2 (there are a few of us :) ) and I want to know what I can do to make the engine a bit more responsive. It's an Isuzu Amigo in the States, but with a different engine.

From what I gather, its a low revving engine only able to hit 8000RPM max, making it great for lower speed acceleration and 4x4 use.

I have some thoughts about beefing its performance, so please let us know if I can do any of these:

Is possible to bolt on an aftermarket supercharger to this engine? If so who makes one, what are the cost implications and what else will I need to change in order to make it safe/reliable. I am assuming that a .

What about changing the cams, can this give me extra BHP? I understand that Kent Cams do one for it, is it worth it?

Cheers for yer time peeps, if I've started another thread regarding this, please let me know where the other one is.

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