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There was a question posed on the OMC site regarding sources of information on Opels. Here's the question,and my answer. Some might find the list useful.

Author: Jonathan Jones (---.yhteys.mtv3.fi)
Date: 07-06-02 18:23

Hello !

I just bought an Opel this morning and started searching the web for useful sites and active Opel user communities.

I don´t know if its just me but I found a LOT of dead links (many on www.opelclub.com's own linklist) and crappy pages that were mostly 'under construction'.

It came as a bit of a surprise. I previously owned a Renault 5 and for that car I found a lot of useful Renault sites and helpful web communities, whose assistance was crucial in keeping my trusty Cinq on the move. I thought Opel owners were more 'brand-minded' than usual and ´tech-savvy´(judging by the attitude I´ve encountered among them) but apparently they're not so much into making web pages. I seem to have bad luck because both official Finland Opel site failed to load AND I couldn't find any Opel Clubs in Finland with websites in operation.


Now who am I gonna ask for good links and cheap spare parts suppliers ?

Anyhow... happy motoring to everyone !


I can't vouch for Opel sites versus other makes, but there are LOTS of good sites. I presume you bought a "classic Opel" (pre-1976). If not, you are posting on the wrong site.

For various technical and social Classic Opel contacts, go to:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/classicopels/ (the BEST source of Classic Opel info, probably in the world)
http://www.opelgt.com/vb/ (Gary Farius' OpelGT.com 's bulletin board, but also go to the main site)
http://www.opelclub.com/ (This site, of course)
http://clubs.hemmings.com/oana/ (for all kinds of technical stuff, including wiring diagrams, technical discussions and such)

There are tons (tonnes, for Canadians and Europeans) of Classic Opel clubs. Such as:

Just use your search engines.

For parts, go to:

http://www.opelgtsource.com/ (Opel GT Source, the best all round place, at least for GT's)
http://www.opelmanta.com/ (Charles Goin, at Goin' Manta, mainly Mantas and Asconas
http://www.justwebit.com/members/39011/ or http://members.lycos.co.uk/opelsforever/ (Jim Marchitto at USA Opel)
http://www.tgsi.com/ (for Opel racing parts mainly)
http://www.opelsunl.com/ (Opels Unlimited, but rumour has it that Todd is hard to contact)
http://www.opel4ever.com/eng.html (in Europe)
http://www.hdrogers.com/opel.html Many European car parts, doesn't specializein Opels)
http://www.opeltuners.com/ (Again, mainly for performance and tuning parts)
http://www.opelgtparts.com/ (Suselbeek in the Netherlands)

There, that is a fairly comprehensive list. HTH

Keith Wilford
'71 GT
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