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All traffic to OpelGT.com is now being directed to this portal page.

The main feature that was unique to the old site was the Classified Ads. The new classifieds module here has all the features the old one had and more.

The confusion caused by using two separate database driven programs is over. :D No need for a separate logins and no more double menu bars. The package this program runs under is well supported and is constantly being improved Thanks for your patience over the past few months.

I am amazed at the stats since we changed to vBulletin back in March. Over 600 members, 67,000 page views, and 2,800 posts. This site will be what the contributing members make it. Judging from some of the threads/posts, we are already getting the sense of "Community" here!

Next project is the Super FAQ page for all those questions that keep appearing.
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