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Opelless, but not gone....

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Well, it is done, I have sold Lil Bastard. :eek: I am now Opeless, as in without opel, as in jonesin for opel, as in opel, lack there of. Anyway, the community has not lost an opeler, but gained a new one. I hope you all help him as much as you helped me. He just wont have the same ?s I did because I fixed it first :) I will let him come forth and tell you all who he is ;) He will be excited as a child with a new bike for a while. I will still be around on the board so it is not a complete farewell. Anyway, I am excited for him as well as myself for my next vehicular endeavour. Once again, Thank you all. Shawn
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fast sale

i saw it on ebay with what i felt was a low reserve... i felt 7,300 at least, but a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

wow..what was it on ebay for...1 day? someone got a bargain is my humble opinion

dam can you paint cars! If you are happy then thats all that mattered. :)
so is it time for a project?

are you gonna get another opel? time to start another project.... dont be a stranger.. take it easy
:( Never happy about selling a toy you have had for about 13 years,... But it is overshadowed by the purchase of a 77 911 :)

Shawn, you may have sold your GT but by the tone of your postings you still have Opelitis - and you know the only cure for that! ;)
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