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It is getting about a month and a half away from when we meet for Opels Across America. But my question is who determines when it is in October????? I heard it falls on Columbus Day weekend every year, which is about right. Is that how it is determined? So this year it would fall on the 11th? It helps to know for sure a little early to start letting people know when we are going to meet. Just wanted to clear the air on when and how the meet is planned on that day for future reference.
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We will be having an Opels Across America gathering at our home in Tallmadge, Oh. We had one last year and have tried to have one every quarter since. All are welcome. We usually have 4-5 Opels and some who come without cars (Opels in progress). We supply food. All who are interested are welcome, but please let us know that you are coming so we can buy enough food for everyone.

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