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As some of you know, we just got back from a three week vacation to Malaysia, Thailand and the OMC Picnic in Huntington Beach California.

While in Malaysia, I had told my friends that we were visiting there about the OMC Picnic, and how neat it was going to be to see so many Opels in one place. Frankly, they probably don't "get" my interest (obsession?) with Opels, but they have seen my GT under restoration for the past number of years, and have probably learned to humour me.

Well, wouldn't you know, while we visiting an island in the NW coast of the Malaysian peninsula called Pulua Penang, we happened to stop at a roadside convenience store, which had a car repair repair place next to it. And there, waiting for some SERIOUS restoration, was a late '70's (by my guess) Opel 2 litre Rekord! Here are some photo's.


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