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I was recently contacted by Paul to let me know of his decision. I hated to hear it but understand his reasons. Paul's event has been a great opportunity for us in the Midwest to gather in the Spring. His central IN. location was a very drivable destination from a number of surrounding States. Plenty of room to park your Opel and a heated and air-conditioned garage to have lunch in. I know Paul and his wife put a lot of effort into a great event that cost nothing more than the fuel to get there. I hope some others in the area can get with Ron to carry on the tradition. If a time and location can be arranged maybe we could do a Pot Luck. Maybe a local dining spot could be coaxed into letting us gather on their lot. A shady park next to a food source is also a thought.

Paul & Lezlie thank you for the many fine spring days spent with Opels and Opelers.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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