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Hey Folks, this year we’re opening up our entire book library to you, all completely for sale.

Now well organized, we an easily pick the best quality book, ready to be a great Christmas Present.


Purple 1975 Only Supplement: Comes with fuel injection trouble shooting , etc. Regularly to $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

Chassis and Body Parts Catalog: Here’s the dealer body parts catalog. Rare book. People look for these. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

1966 Opel Kadett Factory Dealer Manual: Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

1973 Buick Opel Add-On Supplement: Features dealer features and add-ons and things that didn’t make it into the manuals. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

1968 Opel Kadett Service Manual: Factory full size dealer manual for all 1968 GT/Kadett. This manual features both 1.1 and 1.9 motors. Lots of spec and pictures. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

Okay, Here We Are Folks, The 2nd Row:

This row features some of the rarest and biggest manuals in good condition, they are usually $60 each Christmas Sale Price $40

3rd Shelf

1968 Opel Kadett Manuals: These manuals work very well for all Kadetts and this is the best factory dealer Kadett manual as it’s the last year that the Opel Book was specifically for Kadett Owners. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

Olympia Rekord 1955-1960 Factory Dealer Manuals: One of the thickest of all the Opel Books, this one book covers everything for the Olympia and Rekord Owners. Regularly $60 Christmas Sale Price $30

Next One Over: Is one of the yellow dealer manuals for the dealer featuring parts and descriptions with pictures and part numbers. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

Opel Kadett Parts Book: Another manual intended for dealers. Also another popular part of collector pieces for Opel Books. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $20

Last book on the 3rd shelf is just a Beck Arnley book, but there are other manuals under it for the same $20 each

Bottom Shelf

Mainly has the large European full size manuals that all the Manta/ Ascona and Wagon Owners crave. This book really soaks up these cars and shows everything in a full size, large manual. Regularly $40 Christmas Sale Price $25

Also, not shown in detail, but very popular manuals are the Chilton Hardback Book Series. One specifically features 1964-1970 Opels and shows off both 1.1 and 1.9 drive trains. A popular book. Regularly $30 Christmas Sale Price $15

There are other small manuals and books that are popular, as well. We are selling them also for $15



Other Specials

New parts arriving just in time to add to our Christmas Special List.

Complete Engine Gasket Sets: Any year and model, any Opel car from the little motor to current 2.0

Complete Gasket Sets: Complete gaskets, custom made your way. Just $99.95 on this Christmas Special, While Supplies Last

Also, new arrivals, Oil Pan Gasket Set, 4 piece, fresh soft reproduction, just $9.95

Also, 1900 Head Gaskets, early style, both 10 bolt and 12 bolt heads, even 2.0 and 2.2/ 2.4 head gaskets. These are the best. All steel centers, Siamese sleeved together. The best at just $19.95, your choice

Also, 4 Speed Transmission Gasket Rebuild Kits, just $19.95 each
Opel GT All New Exhaust

Hey Folks here is the closest thing for a real exhaust system, including both original mufflers, even the over the rear end pipe. Every single part imported directly from Europe. All brand new including larger diameter rear muffler with larger tips and a deeper tone. *These are the ones people want, even capable of running straight 2" exhaust. Measurements and pictures included. Items available to be purchased separately. This auction includes 3 pieces - the center muffler that fits in factory location, a perfect original all slip fit (piece of cake for anyone to install), all three parts fit into each other, no problem. Yet breakdown instantly for cheap inexpensive shipping. Anyone who wins this auction also has the option to get a combination of all four exhaust donuts for another $12. *And even a new German center muffler bracket and strap all factory fit for just another $25. *There are plenty more exhaust options available here at Opels Unlimited. Feel free to call and ask for details and free tech advice. 909-355-OPEL(6735). Always open 7 days a week from noon to midnight. Here is one of OU's special one shot deals. We have to say there is a limited supply so get them while you can. *A great Winter project save for upcoming Spring events.*

OK folks here is an OU exclusive, cats meow complete exhaust package. So here we go. Not only both mufflers and the pipe over the rear end, but this also includes the front exhaust manifold flange gasket, the complete front Y pipe head pipe, the best free flow exclusive available, just call for details any time. Every part from front to rear an exact instant slip fit, easy install. Also includes all four exhaust donuts front to rear. Every single part guaranteed imported direct from Europe. *Everything is the best quality real deal. This is a very rare option that only comes around about every five to ten years. Get yours while you can. We have collected this and done dealer buy-outs all year long. There are only less than 10 sets complete sets at this time. Get them while you can. *The very last of the rare European exhaust. The real treat is that you can actually install everything yourself in your garage and align everything just the way you want it. *It's so easy you can just clamp it together or just drive it to an exhaust shop and put your welds on.

Also available for all of you super duper rare 1.1 Opel GT and Opel Kadett owners. Any version of any 1.1 engine from 1966 thru 1970 Kadett Rallye, GT, Notch Back, Caravan or Wagon owners who want a brand new original center muffler. For your car we are currently offering a super special for just $69.95 and we have no problem finding all other exhaust for all other 1.1 engines new in stock. Front to back from 1964 thru 1971, all variations and types. We should still have new NOS at this time for similar prices. Don't be afraid to ask for our special sales flyer to all our 1.1 rare car owners.

Opel GT Seat Cover Sets: Both in Red and Black, all the work done, ready to install, just $499 per set

Also, Opel GT Dash Covers, best quality, easy to install, very popular, just $48.95 New


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