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Sale Starts February 1, 2014 and Ends March 31, 2014
This sale is on all new parts. Just in time for all the Spring shows.

Regular Price – Up To Sale Price

Front Brake Pads
$39.95 $20

Front Brake Pads – Big Brake
$46.95 $20

Front Brake Lines
$28.95 $15

Front Brake Calipers – GT
$99.95 $75

Front Brake Calipers – Manta/ Ascona
$99.95 $75

New Master Cylinder – Manta/ Ascona
$269 $120

New Rear Wheel Cylinder – Factory Original –
Fits all Models
$38.95 $25 each

New Rear Wheel Cylinder Upgrade – 1” each
$78.95 $50 each

Front Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder – Kadett
$46.95 $20 each

Rear Brake Hardware Kit
$46.95 $30

Front Brake Hardware Kit
$28.95 $15

GT Master Cylinder Upgrade
$169 $80

Ignition Caps, Red, Blue, Yellow or Clear
$11.95 $8

Heavy Duty Wires, Red, Blue or Yellow
$39.95 $30

Electronic Ignition – Accufire
$68.95 $50

Weber Carb Kit – Complete
$48.95 $30

Weber Chrome Air Cleaner Kit
$48.95 $35

Weber Carb Base Gasket Set
$9.95 $5

Hotter Spark Plugs – Set of 4
$31.95 $20

Oil Filter – GT, Manta, Kadett
$7.99 $5

Big Heater Hose – Manta/ Ascona
$38.95 $30

Upper Radiator Hose – Manta/ Ascona
$46.95 $25

New Clutch Disk – 1.1 Engine
$89 $50

New Pressure Plate – 1.1 Engine
$98 $50

Kadett Lower Ball Joint – 66-67
$56.95 $15

Shift Boot – Manta/ Ascona – Original
$46.95 $30

Fuse Box Cover – Manta/ Ascona
$29.95 $15

Chrome Front Nose Emblem – Blitz Emblem
$28.95 $20

GT Turn Signal Lever Ring
$58.95 $30

GT Heater Valve – Brass with Clip
$78.95 $50

Exhaust Donuts – GT Rear
$4.99 $3

Exhaust Donuts – Large – for All Models
$4.99 $3

GT Ignition Switch – Electrical
$89 $50

Front/ Rear Window Chrome Trim –
All Models
$68.95 $50

Air Filter – Manta/ Ascona – Factory
$19.95 $10

Shifter Boot – Kadett, 1900 – Original
$46.95 $30

Valve Cover Gasket – Manta/ Ascona, Kadett
$19.95 $5

Head Gasket – 1500 Kadett
$39.95 $10

Motor Mounts – GT/ Kadett – Aftermarket
$39.95 $20

Halogen Headlight Set – GT/ Kadett
$59.95 $40

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Sale Starts February 1, 2014 and Ends March 31, 2014
When you post 5 times.. people miss stuff too..

In this case.. you have 2 weeks. Wait until the sale kicks off..

Let the first sale run its course and then follow up with the new sale.. :yup:

One at a time.. 1st off you will get more people to remember the first one. Secondly, with five they may simply forget what they read in the first one, or simply skip over the other 4 if they find nothing interesting in the first one, thinking the other 4 are duplicates. Also not everyone is on here every day, and within 12 hours this post will be off the front page where you need it to be. :ugh:

SO REPEAT AFTER ME.... LESS IS MORE, especially on the internet..

Also ONE post is effective and allowed advertising.. 5 posts is considered spamming.

Spamming can get posts deleted, and you suspended.. keep that in mind.

But the mods have already told you that.. :ponder:

Look I understand your trying to finally get on the internet and use it (Like a few people have been telling you to do for a decade or so.. ). The internet is a great tool, but like any tool improperly used and it will break what your trying to fix. So try to use it properly and listen to those with the experience.

Having a follow up post in 1-2 days, even a week is a good thing. I tend to run ads and push my advertising budget via Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.. on Tuesday and Wednesday, twice a month (around the 15th and end of the month). So its fresh in the mind of those looking to buy when they have money (Fridays, middle and first/end of the month..) . Trust me 2 ad postings here the Wed before the 15th and the Wed before the end of the month will be enough.

Posts on questions on the thread will bump it back to the front page, so one ad should recycle to the front page a few times over that 2 week span. No need for 5 posts..

Please keep all this in mind. Because, the moderators are lenient, but that leniency only goes so far when you won't listen. FYI, I am not a moderator.. I am only tell you what they will do, not that I would do it.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't take you another 10 years to take what everyone is telling you to heart.
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Just a thought, would it possible to put it in file, i.e., word, excel, pdf that can be printed off easy and just attach it in a thread with a brief description?
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