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Opels Unlimited's Overstock on New Parts Sale and the Good Used Parts Sale`

Ok folks as promised we are getting right to the point - first of all we would like to introduce some of our newest offerings. New Opel GT Shifter Boots, nice and thick, real high quaility. They stand up just right and are new fresh quality production. We are very proud to offer this new product. Regularly $31.95 now just $26.95 only on this current sale.

Also pictured are new offerings for an Opel GT Radio Antenna. New from Germany. Great original design but with the added feature to push antenna all the way in for car washes nad car covers etc. Comes with a neat little key that only you have on your ring to pull it up, so no more kids messing around with it either. Regularly $38.95 now just $29.95.

Also featured is a higher quality Pop-Out Quarter Window Rubber that has preformed corners, nice and soft for a perfect fit, installs in just 20 minutes. Best Production yet for the US. Regularly $79.95 ea now just $64.95 ea.

Also featured is a great new production of Front and Rear Bumper Rubbers complete with nuts and hardware for all Opel GT models. Great original finish. Another part we are very proud of. Regularly $38.95 ea and now $24.95 ea.

Another great new fresh production is the four piece underhood rubber bumper set. Great new design with a thinner nicely curved top for a really perfect fit. Regularly $5.99 each now just $3.50 each.

Next, Opel GT Gas Sending Unit. Original from VDO Germany. Nice new improved design. No more issues with this part for us folks anymore. Comes with thick cork gasket, nothing else to buy. Regularly $129 now just $109.

So much better quality and prices now a days especially with the exchange rate in Europe still being so favorable to us.

Last but not least, some really sharp new Hood Squirter Assemblies for GT's. Featuring fully adjustable squirter nozzles. Even comes with new plastic 90 degree eblows underneath. Regularly $19.95 each now just $14.95 each.

OK so here we go, a list of New parts that we massively over-ordered this last year.

First of all Opel GT or Kadett 1900 Lower Radiator Hose. Nice and thick. Factory formed fit. New soft Rubber production from Germany. These have a major shelf life as they were just made so get your extras now. Regularly $28.95 only $15.00 for this Sale.

Opel GT roll up Window Flocked Rubber. This is what the door glass slides up and down in. Regularly $69.95 each side now just $45 a side.

Main Door to Body Rubber for GTs. This is the large rubber on the body that the door shuts against. Regularly $39.95 a side and the sale is just $20 a side.

Front Brake Pads for all Opel Models. Heavy duty real semi-metallic. Top quality brake pad, set of four. Regularly $38.95 sale $20.

Rear Wheel Cylinders. Most models brand new complete assembled, easy install. Regularly $39.95 each sale $25 each .

New Rubber Brake Lines all GT Kadett 1900 Manta Ascona. Regularly $28.95 ea now $15 ea.

New Rubber Manta A Rear Original. From Germany. Regularly $129 now $110.

New Rubber Kadett Wagon Rear Hatch Body Main Rubber. Regularly $99.95 now $80.

New Rubber Rear Window Hatch Kadett. This Rubber goes around the glass. Regularly $129.95 now $100.

Heater Hoses New German Double Bend Heater Hose Kit. Fits all 1900 Ascona, Manta and Kadett. Pictures available on any part, just ask. Regularly $39.95 now $26.

Another best production for USA today. Fixed Window Rubber for GT. Original type for all 68-70. Holds window chrome easily. Really easy install great workmanship. Regularly $79.95 now $65.

1900 Manta/Ascona Gas Pedal Cable. New improved design. Includes safety spring and double vinyl protection on cable. Regularly $48.95 now $35.

New Rear Window Rubber for Ascona Sedan 2 door and 4 door. A great German production on such a rare part. We have used it on our own cars and love it. Special corners cut and glued in place. New like a factory part. Regularly $149 now just $110.

Kadett 1900 Ascona Owners Rear Pop Out Window Double sided chrome hinge upgrade. Your choice hinge or rectangular rubber puck. Hinge fits into rubber puck on body. Regularly $9.95 each your choice just $7 each.

Manta 1900 Ascona Rare Part -Original Fuse Box Cover designed so you don't kick your fuses or cause problems by not having your Fuse Box covered. All Manta's 1900 Asconas have this part installed at the factory but now they are missing. Also includes a diagram of what fuse does what in your electrical system. A real future time saver. Regularly $18.95 down to $10.

Opel 1900 Engine Gasket Overstock Sale. Package deal big savings for only $10 -Your Choice Front Main seal, Valve Cover Gaskets all models, even 1.1, three piece Head Set, two piece Thermostat and housing set, both styles. Valve Stem Seal set. 1.1 engine owners your choice Head Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket, Intake or Exhaust Gasket, even 1.5 Head Gasket.

OK Package deal for only $20 your choice you get for 1900 engine, four piece oil pan set gasket set, 1900 timing cover set, Instake/ Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set, Rear Main Seal, Transmission Four Speed side two piece seal set. New Thermostat with 2 piece Thermostat set.

For $30 your choice you can get Opel 1900 or 2000cc Head Gasket with O Ring all years 1972 and up (12 bolt) also 1900/2000 cc double lip front and rear main seal kit. Complete timing cover six piece set includes distributor seal and front main and fuel pump gasket and water pump gasket. Opel 1900 Four Speed Main Front Center and Even Pan Gasket. 1.1 assorted Gasket Sets Complete.

Last item of New Parts Overstock Opel 1900 Water Pump. New complete with Gasket. Nice brand new Water Pump no cores or exchanges necessary. You can throw your old one out. Significantly improved design. Much larger bearing and seal. Much stronger than our weak original pumps. Finally a vast improvement on a much needed area. Regularly $79.95 and sale is $60.

This Valued Customer Special Sale ends September 30th.

Well folks, this ran a little long and we don't want to write you a book each time so we are going to make you wait a day or two for the Used Parts Sale. It is really big and will need it's own post.


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