Well, I decided not to use them for my project, so I have them up for sale. They require more filler in the rear panel area than I am comfortable having to use, mostly for the reason that I am planning on re-installing my original rear panel trim strip. They are not going to do me any good sitting in my garage. Giving some extra pictures so that you can see better what you would be getting. Using some pictures from someone else's thread on here, as well if that is OK just to better show how these fit on the car after trimmed. I did not do any trimming on these. They are just as I received them. This is the only reason to use pictures other than mine. Buyer will also pay actual shipping. I was just trying to break even on this if possible, and now I am just trying to cover what I bought to replace them. Local pickup would also work. I am minutes off of a major highway at the MA VT border.