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does anyone know if there is a book or something out there that gives part numbers for such things as A-arm bushings, upper and lower ball joints , tie rod ends and muffler and resonator. because the idiots at my local parts (parts america, auto zone carquest , O'riellys )store can't seam to find them.thanks for any help you can give me

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Cold parts?

GTJIM said:
Try www.opelgtsource.com they love Opels and have an online contact point.

I have found part numbes at the NAPA site too. Beck Arnley (sp?) also have a large range of part numbers too.

Where can I find me some of these part numbes?!! Checked with NAPA and they didn't seem to know anything about part numbes! Pretty cold, eh? :)

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Took the Bait!

Took the bait again Otto - I will really have to stop making these intentional speling mistakes. That's my story - and I am sticking to it! :D
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