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Just had to say that this past weekend I saw more American (domestic, whatever) vintage cars in one spot than I ever expected in Adairsville and Cartersville here in Georgia. The Adairsville car show was it's usual fun. Probably a good 60+ autos including trucks, hotrods and cars from the early '30's and up. Also a dragster.
Cartersville's cruise-in took place in the evening and was quite a sight. The entire downtown area by the railroad tracks was nothing but rows and rows of cars in front of the shops and throughout the whole park area by the depot. Even some up the side streets. Had a hell of an ambience and almost 'carnival' like look with all the streetlamps and people. Phenomenal attendance. Really hard to find a nearby place to park and go see the cars. There was a '35 Cadillac sedan that was in perfect condition (still say they look like hearses), a Kaizer (Henry J Corsair Deluxe), more Chevy Bel-Airs than you could shake a stick at, hotrods galore, Mustangs of every type and year, Vettes, Camaros, Z's, just about every Chevy known to man it seemed including some fantastic restorations of Impalas, etc. Lots of these domestics were in the '30's range and even some late '20's. It was great.

They really NEED some imports. :D
One thing of note. You see a lot of great paint jobs at these shows. I saw, however, the most incredible, stunning, amazing, gorgeous paint job on a Bel-Air. Two-toned with a pearlized white on top and a 'brandywine' bottom. Both over a silver underlay. Looked like an oldfashioned lacquer job. Depth and 'glass' look were just jaw droppers. The brandywine is a tough color to describe - like a dark red wine with a purple hint. Phenomenal. Got the name of the folks that owned the car and the name of the guy that did the paint job. Wish I'd had a camera but I'm going to contact these folks and see if they've got a photo or two they could send. Quite seriously, I think I'll do everything in my power to have this guy paint my car in the future. It might cost a fortune but I'd build a castle for the car just to have that done. That would make any car a jewel. I'll post a pic as soon as I can get one.
Next year my GT will at least be at the cruise-in if the car show goes down the tubes with all the charging the school board is laying on them for the parking use. Sure would love to have some more of us there. They need a little shaking up and we're just the ones to do it.
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